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Should everyone has free wireless internet?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Blog writer: Ian from Churchill International Baccalaureate School

I am Ian, a student and guest blogger for the November 2022 issue. I like to share my thoughts about how Generation Z incorporates our knowledge, understanding, and point of view on processing critical financial decisions. In this short post, I would like to share why I think that the U.S Government should not provide free wireless Internet to everyone.

My first reason is the cost. It would cost 65 billion dollars for free wireless internet

according to the Biden-Harris administration’s “Internet for all.” The law included investment to ensure all Americans can access affordable, reliable, and high-speed Internet, according to a public release at People who pay taxes will need to pay more now. Also, 65 billion dollars could get much more things done, such as schools, roads, defense, Highways, affordable houses, etc. This is so much money to waste when you don’t know whether everyone needs it.

The second reason is the risk of cyber hacking on the wireless internet. This is dangerous because hackers can steal someone's social security or bank number. They would have a 52% chance of getting hacked, according to One of the reasons that wireless networks are so vulnerable to data breaches is that, unlike wired networks, they do not utilize a physical barrier. This lack of a physical barrier allows hackers to easily find unprotected and even undetected access points, leaving your cardholder’s data accessible to anyone capable of intrusion. Hackers take around 475 Billion dollars annually throughout the US, according to

My third reason is that wireless internet can cause potential health issues. The telephone industry said that there are no possible health impacts of Wi-Fi. However, According to environmental research published in Science Direct, WiFi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, and neuropsychiatric effects on human health. Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. It’s like a high microwave frequency affecting your brain. For example, have you ever looked at a screen once and felt your eyes water, fatigue, discomfort, or in a bad mood after some time? Even though no scientific evidence establishes a link between wireless internet and cancer. Oxidative stress can cause DNA damage which might cause cancer.

In summary, I strongly think that the U.S Government should not provide wireless

internet to everyone. We are talking about spending billions of dollars each year when

there is no reassurance of cyber safety and health safety.


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